I'm going to start out by saying I was being as objective as I can. I did not want dislike the guy, whoever he was, over what I thought was a bad call on the Yankees. I waited, and he did the same to the Red Sox.

First incident, Matt Holliday is at the plate and the ump calls a ball a 3rd strike. Fine, people get em wrong but he did a super dramatic, loud and animated 3rd strike call. I was pissed but I said just wait. He then did the exact same thing to Pablo Sandoval the following inning. Bad call with all the theatrics.

No one buys a ticket to watch an umpire call balls and strikes. NO ONE. You should not be front and center, we should not even notice you are there. No one cares about you, go away and reexamine your life clown boy.

I tried to look up his name for this blog but it turns out no one else cares who this guy is either.

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