Are you ready to be counted? It all starts today with a special ceremony at Danbury City Hall.

I don't know about you, but I think the census is kind of cool. Just think about it -- everyone gets counted.

The official kick off is happening at 10:00 AM today, with state and local officials like Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz and State Senator Julie Kushner. Also, according to, other VIPs from Danbury's Complete Count Committee will be on hand as well. This kick-off ceremony is just the beginning of a process that will be going on all the way until 2021.

The first actual 2020 census count actually began back on January 21 in remote Alaska, in a town called Tok Sook Bay.

By mid-March, you'll be receiving your census information with instructions on ways you can respond to be counted. Census information will be reported three ways: via mail, by phone, or online. Then, on April 1, it's census day nationwide, as the 2020 census count officially gets underway.

If you're still a little confused as to what's going to happen, or maybe you have a fear of not being counted, then just check out the informational video below:

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