Ossning High school Senior, Puma Macansela is sitting in a New Jersey detention facility and won't be able to graduate with his class this Saturday.

Immigrations and Custom Enforcement Officers otherwise known as ICE were threatening to bust down the door if Puma didn't come out of his house according to the Washington Post. They had already picked up his mom, an undocumented Ecuadorian immigrant the day before and now they wanted Puma. Unfortunately, Puma who is 19, is living in the United States illegally. This is what the acting director of ICE had to say,

"If you're in this country illegally, and you committed a crime by entering this country, you should be uncomfortable."

Activists Rally Outside The White House To Protest Deportations
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The issue with Puma and his mom is they entered the country illegally in 2014. They both applied for asylum in November of 2016 but lost their cases and couldn't appeal because they couldn't afford the attorney fees. Support for the two has been overwhelming! A petition has been circulating which already has over 19,000 signatures. Many U.S. lawmakers have been appealing to immigration officials on behalf of the family.

Two weeks ago the family's attorney filed a request for a stay of removal. They've asked authorities to extend the the family's stay for one more year so the 19 year old can finish school. Puma and his mom are afraid to be sent back back to Ecuador because of both the living conditions and lack of jobs. It is such a sad situation but ICE officers are just doing their jobs and unfortunately, it's the law. All Puma and him mom want is a better life. Can you blame them?

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