Lou Milano Presents 'Snack Attack'
I've been working on this billion dollar idea for years. It's time to unleash "Snack Attack." Watch:
Do you like apples? Well, we don't have any, how do you like them apples? I am 100%  convinced this idea is a slam dunk. It's not really for the person who w…
Take The 2018 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Trivia Challenge
How well can you navigate your way through The Cars history? Can you get your Dire Straits facts straight? Do you have a prayer when it comes to Bon Jovi trivia? Maybe your Moody Blues memory all depends on the mood you're in. Well, there's no time better than now to find out. This is the …
Would You Vote for 'The Rock' for POTUS?
According to Rolling Stone Magazine 'The Rock' AKA Dwayne Johnson has been having secret political meetings and is considering a run for the nation's highest office. His quotes lend you to believe that this is a real possibility in the future but not in 2020.

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