It's been the usual Sunday afternoon routine for a little over 3 years now: Hop in the truck a little after 2, grab a huge cup of coffee (okay, usually a doughnut too), and head into the station to play radio for four hours. I love kickin' back, letting the tunes take center stage and throwing in some timely tidbits here and there, whether it's tour info or anything else having to do with the artists we're playing. I try to make it feel like I'm just one of the guys hangin' out listening to the radio, throwing out the random comments. I like to think it makes it easier for the listeners to relate.

The weekend schedule does mean I have to miss out on things occasionally, but I always look forward to being on the air. And there's a big screen tv on the wall in the air studio, which comes in handy during football season... ;-)

Go Steelers!