The summer is full of hidden dangers for our furry friends, here's a few safety tips:

I own two chihuahuas, they're very small. I live in Waterbury, and at night, you can hear coyotes howling in the nearby woods. USE A LEASH!

I always walk them with their leashes on in the evenings. Bears have been sighted all over Connecticut and New York, rabid racoons are showing up here and there. A leash will protect you and your pet from running out and into these dangerous situations.

photo courtesy of Large "Chihuahua" Dave

Check for ticks! Lyme Disease, a tick-borne illness has infected my male Chihuahua, poor lil' guy. A flea or tick collar, or medication, is a big help in keeping these nasty critters off of our friends. Check yourself and your pet for ticks before you go back inside.

Watch what people feed them, or drop at outdoor parties or events! Some foods can make them very ill, or even be fatal to dogs, such as raisins, grapes, onions and chocolate.

Give them a rest in the shade! - Pets can get dehydrated quickly in the Summer heat. So, take a break at a shady area, and give them some water.

For more pet summer safety tips, check out a list that the ASPCA has put together by clicking HERE.

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