"It looks like they're in jail" a concerned parent told Fox News 12 KXII.

According to an article at  kxii.com, middle school students in Ardmore Oklahoma serving detention were forced to wear orange t-shirts while cleaning windows. An anonymous individual snapped a photo of the students and it went viral while also firing up a debate about whether the punishment was too harsh.

After school Superintendent, Kim Holland, got word of the "orange t-shirt detention" he immediately put a stop to the practice. This is what he said:

We just didn't feel like it represented our kids well or our school.

On the other hand, many disagreed with the superintendent's decision, saying that it was a good way to learn a lesson. Some claimed it was an excellent way to show that kids should be helping out in their community and shouldn't always be coddled to.

So tell me, do you agree or disagree with the "orange t-shirt" action? What would you do, if anything, if your middle school-er came home from school detention and told you they were ordered to wear orange t-shirts and clean windows?   

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