All we can say is wow!

The movie The Greatest Showman was a Golden Globes nominee, it won for best original song, and it is expected to garner lots of Oscar love very soon as well.

January 23 is when Oscar Nominations come out. Fuse TV speculates it will clean up, and the hit song "This is Me" is a "lock for Oscar gold." Theater audiences have been giving it rave reviews, although critical reviews have been mixed for the film starring Hugh Jackman as Bethel, CT’s own PT Barnum.

The soundtrack to the movie is now the number one album in the nation, according to this week’s Billboard top 200 album chart. This can be attributed the super talented cast recording with three stand out tracks according to Amazon:

Because of the brilliant movie and amazing soundtrack combined, I'm hearing it being referred to as the “Greatest Show” of the year for 2017.

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