Saturday morning, I left my mother's house in Brewster, NY just over the state line to head back to my house in Danbury, CT. I had to grab a few things, head to the grocery store and then drive back. All tolled, grocery store included this round trip should have taken 30 minutes. It ended up taking two hours.

Of course, there was snow, and a few fender benders, but then I walked right into a sucker punch.

I was driving down Padanaram to get to North Street. Anyone who lives in Danbury knows that is pretty much the worst case scenario in terms of a necessary route. It was necessary based on what I had to do and where I had to go.

It was a nightmare. That few miles was responsible for seventy percent of the time spent on the whole trip. It is always bad, as we know, but add in some snow and the fact that people drive like morons in bad weather, and you have Thunder Dome.

Ethan and I set out in a mission to first get some coffee and then to examine some of the worst trouble spots Danbury has to offer in bad weather.

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