Meegan Hodges hasn’t been Slash’s girlfriend for long, but she’s already developed a disdain for the tabloid press. She recently went to social media to blame them for an invasion of privacy that took place at the San Fernando Valley home she shares with the rock star.

Hodges posted the following message to her Instagram account. “"Wow! What a 'welcome to the neighborhood.' Really like to thank TMZ (not) for showing my house on TV and sending wackos setting off my alarm. Thank god for the police their full swat team and helicopter to make me feel safe."

The text was included with a grainy night-time photograph in which a human figure can possibly be made out. Hodges’ Instagram account is private. However, she took a screen shot from her phone and tweeted it.

Earlier this week, TMZ posted a picture of the house while reporting on the fact that the new couple got matching tattoos to celebrate their love for each other. Back in December, Slash filed for divorce from Perla Hudson, his wife of 13 years.

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