I like a good laugh. I'll grab my "Hillary is Satan" bumper sticker and head over to Costco. In case you did not know, Hillary Clinton will be in Brookfield at Costco on Saturday, September 16th signing copies of her book titled, What Happened.

Maybe I could answer that question for her with two words — "You're terrible." The fact that this country chose an orange megalomaniac to be its President had, in my opinion, had as much to do with her being awful as it did with people thinking Donald Trump would make a fine leader of the Free World.

I've kept my opinion on these matters pretty low key for a while, but I'm ready for the hate mail. There is nothing an internet troll could call me that I have not been called many times before.

The fact of the matter is that after sitting back for a while and giving myself time to think about it, we did not have a good option here. Good luck to us all. If you would like to join me at Costco on the 16th, I'll be the guy wearing the Master of Puppets t-shirt.

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