According to FOX 5 U.S. Customs & Border Agents found a roasted pig in some checked luggage at Hartsfield-Jackson. A K-9 agent was on patrol and not surprisingly was able to detect the smell of a roasted pig. After searching the travelers bag agents were surprised to find a roasted pig head.

Customs agents seized and destroyed the pig head from the Ecuadorian traveler. Pork and Pork products from other countries are illegal to bring in through customs check points. They do this to prevent the spread of diseases like hand, foot and mouth.

I love some pig, pig heads, pig ears, pig feet, bacon, pork roll, anything made from a pig is delicious but let's cool it. I think it's generally frowned upon to smuggle severed heads of any kind into country.

I'm hearing not great things about that hand, foot and mouth disease. It just sounds bad all the way around. It has the words "disease" and "foot" in the title. Anything that features those words is not for this guy.

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