Tom Brady is a Tampa Bay Bucaneer, Jamal Adams was traded from the Jets, the NFC East is a disaster and the NFL is about to play a violent, physical sport in the middle of a pandemic. To predict the future of pro football in the Tri-State area for 2020 could be more difficult than ever.

Last year was predictable with the Patriots going 12-4, the Jets went 7-9 in the AFC East and the Giants were 4-12. So where are they now?

The Pats -

This is the answer all fans would love to have prior to the season but I don't think anyone knows. This is the the most burning questions in pro-sports, how good is Bill Bellichick without Tom Brady?

Even if the Patriots rise to the occasion and perform at a high level, I don't think we will ever know the answer. Cam Newton is not Tom Brady but not without capability. In fact, his fall from grace was one of the more surprising stories of the the last two NFL seasons.

I have no gut feeling about how this New England season will play out. The only thing I can say for sure is that "Patriots fans" will root as hard for the Bucs as they will the new look Pats.

The Jets -

Back in July, the Jets traded Jamal Adams (their best player on either side of the ball) to the Seattle Seahawks for Bradley McDougald, a first-round and third-round pick in 2021, and a 2022 first-round pick.

Jets QB Sam Darnold has a lot to prove, the defense will have a huge hole to fill and the team is coached by Adam Gase who has not been popular with fans or the media. This is a year where the Jets need to, at least make the playoffs or they can alienate their disgruntled fan base even more.

The Giants -

The Giants offensive line has been the teams biggest problem for the last three seasons, a true unmitigated disaster, the QB (Daniel Jones) is replacing a NY/NJ legend in Eli Manning and the GM Dave Gettelman has made one questionable decision after another.

Even in down years, the Giants were always a class organization, who hired the best and strove for greatness. The team and it's leadership have been a joke since 2012 and if they don't turn it around this year, they are due for a clean slate from top to bottom.

Predictions, although who the hell knows?:

  • Pats 9-7
  • Jets 7-9 (AGAIN)
  • Giants 6-10

What do you think? Who has the better season, the Pats, Jets or Giants?

The Jets killed Carl - WARNING - Bad language 

The Pats host the Dolphins this Sunday at 1 pm, the Jets go to Buffalo with a kickoff scheduled for 1 pm and the Giants host the Steelers on Monday Night Football

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