I bet you never thought about this, but scam artists already have it all figured out. There's a serious reason why you shouldn't abbreviate the year 2020 when signing checks or legal documents.

It's a new decade, but it's an old problem. Fraud and scam artists have been waiting for 2020 to get here, but according to nbcconnecticut.com, Police in Maine may have beaten them to the punch by issuing this warning on Facebook:

So the next time you write out a check, or have to sign a legal document, make sure you completely write out the year 2020, don't just abbreviate it like you normally would.

So instead of writing 1/6/20, fill in the year completely, 1/6/2020, this way it leaves nothing to chance, and stops scammers from filling in a year of their choosing.

Something so quick, and so simple, could save you hours of aggression, and possibly having your checks or documents be compromised.

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