Emergency personnel from multiple Greater Danbury towns worked together to diffuse what police describe as an incredibly intense situation.

According to a press release from the Brookfield Police Department, local parents reported that their 25-year-old son was suicidal and that they believed he was on his way to buy drugs at around 3:45 PM on Friday (January 11).

As police were engaged in a search for the reportedly disturbed man, the parents contacted the BPD again, saying that he had returned to their home on Nicole's Court just before 6:00 PM and that they needed assistance. At that point, Brookfield officers, Newtown officers, New Milford Officers and members of the Danbury PD's Emergency Services Unit responded to the home.

Police say that before they arrived, the man allegedly shot his parents' car with a crossbow, flattening one of their tires as they tried to get him to agree to professional medical assistance. The parents then reportedly fled to the end of the driveway, explaining to the arriving police officers that the man had now gone into the over-5,000 square foot house, still armed with the crossbow.

After unsuccessful attempts by police to make contact with the man, the officers, Danbury ESU team and K-9s from Brookfield and New Milford set up positions around the home. A drone was also used to try to see what was happening inside of the home, but after numerous attempts to make contact with the man, the Danbury ESU team and a Brookfield K-9 unit made their way inside of the large home. It was empty.

A search of the woods nearby began and in a short time, and infrared camera located the distressed man, who was hiding about 40 yards away from the home. Despite being shoeless and freezing, police say the man didn't suffer any serious injuries. He was then taken into protective custody and brought to Danbury Hospital for treatment.

As members of the Greater Danbury community, we'd like to commend all of the first responders from the various local departments on a job well done.

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