Local authorities have reportedly gotten to the bottom of a Thanksgiving Day breaking and entering case. The culprit was a deer!

The Easton Police Department took to social media on Friday (November 29) with a jovial and in-jest post after Bambi's cousin apparently leaped directly through the plate glass window of a home on Thursday.

Thankfully (pun intended), police say no one was home at the time of the break-in and the damage was minimal. The deer reportedly didn't suffer any injuries whatsoever and was exited the premises peacefully.

In an official statement, Easton Police said, "This deer wanted to get in on the Thanksgiving morning festivities. Or maybe it was just looking for a few bucks? We're not sure, but thankfully no one was home when it decided to stop in for a visit. The deer didn't cause too much damage, was not injured and was able to be shooed back outside. Just another day in Easton."

A job well done by all.

Click through the gallery to check out some photos from the scene of the incident:


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