They appear out of no where. They wind up in the weirdest places in your house, but there is some good news to report this winter. You may actually be seeing less stink bugs around, and here's why:

When the weather gets cold, most of the annoying insects we deal with all spring, summer and fall, like ants, mosquitos and termites either go into some type of deep underground hibernation or they find a warm place, like your house, to spend some quality time. Stink Bugs, on the other hand, rely heavily on your house as a wintertime shelter. If they can't get in, and the temperatures plunge, then there's a good chance they won't survive.

According to, this winter's Polar Vortex has given us all some hope, and maybe even a reprieve. Remember a few weeks ago when the temps were in the single digits and below zero with the wind chill? Well it is very possible that 95% of the Stink Bugs who hadn't found shelter, didn't make it.

Now for the ones that already found a warm place to stay, there's a good chance that they have laid their eggs, and a brand new batch of Stink Bugs will be ready to hit the streets in the spring. Even if some of the adult Stink Bugs were victims of the cold, there's still a chance that they may have laid their eggs before the big chill.

Either way, the species is remarkably resilient and will slowly rebuild their numbers, but it will take them a few years to do that, so for now enjoy the freedom of a Stink Bug-less winter.

If you're still seeing them in your home, here are some tips to get rid of them, and some ways to prevent them from getting in:

Kill a few Stink Bugs outside your front door- According to bug experts, Stink Bugs hate the smell of dead ones, so it will serve as a warning to stay away. It also means you mean business and are not messing around....Stink Bugs know that.

Put a wet towel outside your door-  There's one thing Stink Bugs love even more then being in your house, and that's a wet towel. They will gather there in large groups, then you just throw out the towel, along with the Stink Bugs. Now their in your garbage instead of your house.

Spread cat nip around the perimeter of your house- It will act as a natural repellent and become a barrier that the bugs won't cross. You may have a small army of stray cats hanging out at your house, but it's better then Stink Bugs isn't it.

Make a garlic or mint water spray- Just whip up a little garlic or mint cocktail and use a spray bottle to apply it to area's where Stink Bugs could get in your home.

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