A plane experiencing landing gear problems was forced to make an emergency landing at Danbury Airport on Sunday.

Danbury firefighters and emergency services got the call just after 11:30 am on Sunday and were at the airport waiting for the 4-seat plane to attempt to land.

The pilot, who was practicing landings, alerted the control tower that there was a problem with his left side landing gear. The tower quickly notified emergency crews and members of the Danbury Fire Department were standing by.

Fortunately, the pilot was able to touch down gently despite the compromised landing gear and there were no injuries. The plane was slightly damaged and fire units were able to jack up the aircraft and tow it off the runway.

Danbury Airport assistant administrator Mike Safranek commented on the incident to newstimes.com:

Between the airport air traffic controller, the skilled pilot, and the joint response of the Danbury Fire, Police, EMS and Airport Administrators this couldn't have turned out any better

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