Kindness and paying it forward brings something great to Connecticut.

Hats off to UConn men's basketball coach, Kevin Ollie, for using his influence and dedication to make something great happen in our state.

In a story from, Ollie opened the first "Kevin's Kourt" yesterday at the Boys and Girls Club in Hartford. This court, however, is extra special because it's handicapped-accessible.

"Kevin's Kourt" features 10 stations with special baskets at all different heights, and they're designed for people in wheelchairs and with other disabilities. When so many things are lacking in our state right now, this is such an amazingly positive addition to Connecticut.

Ollie told Fox 61 that he hopes to open more of these courts around the state:

This is a start, anybody who knows me, just like I won the national championship, you want to feel that feeling again. And this is, this takes the place of any national championship that I could ever possibly have.


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