A recent incident in New Milford has yet again proved the effectiveness and importance of a solid police K-9 unit. The result -- a local life has been saved.

According to a press release from the desk of Lieutenant Lawrence Ash of the New Milford Police Department, Officer Mike Lafond and his K-9 partner, Kira, were called upon just before 2:00 AM on Saturday, January 26, to help out the Danbury Police Department with a very serious situation.

The report says that a male, who had reportedly threatened to commit suicide, left a residence that he was at on foot, heading outside when it was only about 15 degrees that night.

After K-9 Kira tracked and searched for the missing male for more than an hour, the police dog found him in a wooded area, but police say he was completely unresponsive. At that point, NMPD Officer Lafond administered two doses of Narcan, a substance typically used to treat narcotic overdoses in emergency situations, so revive the male.

From there, the man was taken to the hospital, where we was reportedly able to recover.

Following the incident, New Milford Police Chief Cerruto had this to say about his team:

This is an example of the excellent police work our K-9 teams perform on a continual basis, I want to commend Officer LaFond and his K9 partner, Kira for their quick and determined action to locate and provide the necessary medical assistance.  If the person was not located the outcome could have been tragic.

K-9 Kira

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