According to CBS NY If you are a regular rider of the Long Island Railroad and buy the monthly pass you can score discounts to hotels, restaurants, shows and sporting events. The monthly pass costs between 190 and 500 bucks. The President of LIRR,Phillip Eng had this to say:

"My philosophy is and has always centered around providing reliable train service, clean cars and stations, and outstanding customer service, that goal now extends beyond riding our rails as we strive to show our customers how much we appreciate them."

I read the quote several times and I do understand what is being said here. I grasp the message they are sending but I see some words between the lines that I'm not sure everyone can see. Are you guys seeing this?

My eyes see these words:

We know that we provide unreliable service and our cars smell like human piss. In an effort to distract you from this we wanna give you discounts to activities that will require you to use our unreliable service more often.

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