If you're thinking of packin' up and moving out of Connecticut, there's a FB group just for you.

According to yankeeinstitute.org, Connecticut ranks #3 in the country for people who want out. I've lived in Connecticut going on 41 years and I get it. The cost of living here far surpasses that of Mississippi, where the median home price is $112,200 compared to $258,000 in Connecticut. For some, it's just a simple matter of economics.

If you've absolutely had enough of this beautiful New England state and can't take it anymore, you might want to check out The People Who Have Left or Are Leaving Connecticut group Facebook page.

The page could prove to be a valuable resource for any resident thinking of relocating to another part of the country. The Yankee Institute website reported that Connecticut ranked #3 for outbound moves in 2018 with the top 3 reasons being a new job, retirement, and a lifestyle change.


Personally, I love it here and always have. My reasons are many, like Candlewood Lake, my grandkids and an awesome job. If you're thinking of relocating, no matter what the reason, I found an excellent website to help you get organized called movearoo.com.

There's also a website that lists the 25 best places to live in the U.S that offer the best combination of jobs, desirability, cost of living, quality of life and more. Just click on realestate.usnews.com. If you're researching the least expensive places to settle down, click on that same website.

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