The dirt sure is getting kicked up along Waterbury's Watertown Avenue. Mrs. Large and I took a ride this past Saturday night by Municipal Stadium, and we were very surprised to see that not one, but two big gas station/convenience stores are being built up. The big new Cumberland Farms convenience store looks like it's really getting there. They even put the banners up along the perimeter fence, and posted employment information. The gas station pumps aren't installed yet, but the big steel overhangs are just starting to come together.

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Photo by Mrs. Large

If you're interested in applying for the jobs at the new location, which is going to be at 1441 Watertown Ave in Waterbury, you can call 800-444-JOBS (5627), or apply online at

Photo by Mrs. Large

It still looks like it's going to be maybe the end of Summertime before this location will open? But the hiring signs are a good sign of progress. Cumberland Farms is based out of Westborough, Massachusetts, and they operate almost 600 retail stores and gas stations in 8 US states: Connecticut, Florida, you say?, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont. Cumby's are a rare sight here in Western CT. They litter the 91/95/84 corridor, but New Milford's Rt. 7 store, and the Rt. 25 in Monroe locations must be getting lonely. This will be the 8th Cumberland Farms location in Greater Waterbury

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