According to CNN, Elon Musk's Falcon 9 Rocket blasted off into the California night sky Sunday. The internet then broke with theories about space invaders meteors crashing to planet Earth. The purpose of the launch was to deliver an Argentinian satellite into orbit and the mission was a success.

The images, like the one above were stunning and shared worldwide. And this is a great cover story for what really happened. That's right, I am wearing my tin foil hat and am about to blast you in the face with a conspiracy theory.

Did the Falcon 9 Rocket takeoff? Yes it did. There is even footage of it widely available.

BUT, what was it really doing in the Earth's orbit? They can tell you anything and we have no way of knowing for sure. Is it possible this was a rendezvous with an alien craft? I think it's possible and that is what I am going with.



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