Pro Football Pick Em' is just what it sounds like. You pick em', the football games, each week. My most important goal as a participant is to beat my co-workers and the plan is coming together. After some back and forth with Matt Carey, I am back in the lead. Ethan is terrible, the dude down the hall that we refer to as Michael McDonald (Mr. Morning) is terrible, Joey Ech is now having his staff make his picks.

I have these clowns right where I want them. Matt is starting to panic and it's impacting his picks. He seems to be the only one with a clue but is quickly falling apart. Mr. Morning told me today he thinks he has it figured out now, which tells me he has nothing figured out and if Ethan isn't making bad picks, he's forgetting to make them all together.

My one-point lead over Matt is going to turn into a three point lead when Week 5 wraps up and I'm putting the other ladies, way in the rear view this week. Do you smell that? I'm cooking up a victory. I just wish Tim Sheehan was in the contest so I had some real competition. Up your game boys, you stink. #scorchedearthpolicy #tastetherage

Now that the bragging is out of the way, let's look at where I went wrong this past week:

  • Where the hell did the Bucs come from? They decided to do the unthinkable and beat the Rams. That one was unexpected.
  • The Cowboys can "go scratch" I don't like them, I do not think they are a winner like everyone else seems to but all I needed them to do was beat a team whose quarterbacked by Teddy Bridgewater and they could not do that.
  • The Lions gave me quite the scare against the Chiefs.
  • The Falcons, Ravens and Texans are worthless to me.
  • The Vikings continue to puzzle me. I pick them, they lose, I pick against them and they win. "You like that!?"

If you are not in the Pro Football Pick Em' Contest, it's not too late to enter. At this point in the season you are not likely to win the year but you can win the week and there are weekly prizes. Each week someone gets a gift card to Barberie's Black Angus Grill. If you have been in the contest since the beginning you are playing for the chance to win a ski vacation to Smuggler's Notch in Vermont and you'd be in the running for $10,000. The stakes are high and the smack talk is real.

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