My wife is the queen of "first of all, second of all, third of all" conversations. This means one of two things: Either she just likes listing things, or I present MULTIPLE problems on a daily basis that require lists.

I'm willing to consider I may present a problem, or two, or three. That's all well and good, but by the time you get to #2 or #3, I've already checked out. I wonder if there was ever a time where item #3 on the "first of all, second of all" list has ever been the fact that I do check out of the conversation when the critiques are multiple. I bet that's happened. I should look into that.

I've now reached the point now that when I hear, "First of all," I say, "Don't you DARE 'second of all' me!" That has not been received well, and has definitely led to a "fourth of all" or two.

Are you in constant trouble at home? Does your significant other "'First of all' you?" What can be done about this? Is it just as simple as not doing a multitude of things wrong? Talk to me.

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