College football fans across the country are more than familiar with the lovable Ed Orgeron. But if you've never heard of him before last night, you're in for a treat. The guy is a sound bite machine, built like a bull and has the voice of a man who eats glass every single day.

His latest stunt was a motivational one. In the week leading up to the game, Coach Orgeron punched his own face to fire his team up. He hit himself so hard that he had a visible mark on his face- and it looks like it worked. The LSU Tigers captured the College Football National Championship last night beating the Clemson Tigers 42-25.

Who wouldn't run through a wall for this dude? Coach punched himself in the face for his team. Do you know who wouldn't do that? Nick Saban is the answer, and if you pair that with Alabama's inability to capture the title lately, the recruiting landscape has shifted greatly. Who do you want to play for? The Coach who just won the title and punched the crap out of his own head, or the loser who could put a crackhead to sleep?

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