The Office of Early Childhood in Connecticut just took all the questions about kids wearing masks during school off the table. Yesterday, they issued a mask mandate that states that all children ages three and older must wear a mask when in pre-school, kindergarten, child care, homes, and camps.

Now, the new policy will not officially go into effect until October 19, which will give the schools and child care facilities a chance to phase in the new requirements. It will also give the kids, the school staff, and the students' families an opportunity to get used to the new ruling. It also gives the schools and day care facilities a chance to develop some type of written policy pertaining to the mask rule. Remember, the State of Connecticut has had a mask mandate, set forth by the Governor since April 20.

Now, there will be a select group of students who will be exempt from this new mask rule, and the OEC (Office of Early Childhood) has put together a list of what's going to be accepted, and what's not:

Mask Exceptions:

  • Children with documented medical conditions, special health care needs, or developmental needs where wearing a mask would be contrary to their health and safety.
  • Children with a documented disabilities or special education needs.
  • Anytime children are sleeping, eating, or resting.
  • Newly enrolled young students who are still working on wearing a mask.
  • Children who just turned three years old, they have two months to acclimate to wearing the mask.

When It's OK Not to Wear a Mask:

  • During mask breaks, however, during these breaks, students must maintain social distancing of at least six feet whenever possible.
  • Masks may be removed during all outside activities.

For full information on this new mask mandate, just check out the Office of Early Childhood memo.

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