If you enjoy a good steak dinner, Massachusetts has quite a lot of great steak joints throughout the state that serve up some of the most delicious steak dinners. Sure, the Bay State is known for having some unbelievably good seafood, but the steakhouses here are no pushovers no matter what type of dish you're craving. And now we know just where to find the best steakhouse in Massachusetts.

Recently, the ever so popular food publication known as 'The Daily Meal' released their article, These Are the Best Steakhouses in Every State. And let's be honest, if anyone knows, it's pretty safe to say 'The Daily Meal' would. So, where would you find the best steakhouse in Massachusetts?

It might be no surprise that for the best steakhouse in the Bay State, you would have to venture out east to Boston. It might also not be that much of a surprise that this particular steakhouse is not just known for its amazing steaks, but it also has some incredible seafood. The spot that has been named the best steakhouse in Massachusetts is Grill 23 & Bar.

'The Daily Meal' had this to say about why Grill 23 & Bar was chosen as the best steakhouse in Massachusetts:

Grill 23 & Bar is an ode to the decadent steakhouses of old with excellent service, soft lighting, and a world-class wine program. Thankfully, the food not only lives up to the setting; it surpasses it. Beef is sourced from legendary suppliers before being skilfully prepared. A shining example of how produce and process can combine to make something special is Grill 23's brilliant 100 Day Aged Prime Ribeye.

Not only is their steak earning praise, as previously mentioned, they have some pretty incredible seafood. In fact, 'Eat This, Not That' chose them as one of 7 Steakhouses That Serve the Best Seafood.

As you can see, and almost taste through the pictures, it's not just steak that will bring customers out in droves to salivate over their dishes. The Boston spot at 161 Berkeley Street is just one more must-try spot if you're wanting a great steak or amazing seafood!

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