Every year, we think, this is it, he won't be there. That's what you hope for and then you walk into the Halloween party and there he is. He's standing in the middle of the room, wearing eye liner, pretending to be drunk and doing a terrible impression of Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow.

Ladies love Johnny Depp, they especially like him when he's dirty and smelly looking. They went bananas when he took the part of Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean" and took his look to even smellier heights.

It was right then that some dudes thought they could co-op some of this Jack Sparrow heat and make it work for them. Then Disney decided to make 40 of these movies and every year since, there are dudes who show up as Jack Sparrow.

This, I think is the year it won't happen. 2018 could be our first Jack Sparrow free Halloween in a long time. We all deserve a break, we have been through a lot. Fingers crossed.

Either this is the year or it just becomes that thing that we can't escape. It's just there like a dude at a campfire with an acoustic guitar that can't really play.

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