The Iron Sheik has some plain talk for what he calls "CORONA."

That's what I call quick to the point, to the point no fakin.' Let's work on the assumption he's talking about the coronavirus and move forward. What does the Sheik have to say about what doctors refer to as "flattening to curve?"

I show you how bubba, indeed. Yesterday the Sheik took a break from his coronavirus coverage to tweet this out.

He was dead nuts on that one, yesterday was the Jabroniest Monday I can remember in quite some time. Wait, you want more on COVID-19 from the Sheik?

He suplex it on his birthday. Next up was the Camel clutch.

If the Sheik stays on this one with such ferocity we could be back to normal by the end of next Thursday. IMPORTANT - My guess as to when people can gather in large groups as it relates to the work the Iron Sheik has done on the coronavirus is not based in science or reality. Chew on that food for thought before you ring the self righteous psycho alarm. 

Without dudes like this the world sucks so much ass.

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