Snowy Days ... Cold Winter Days ... I say LOVE needs to be in the air! But where?

Pack your bags, according to the financial literacy site NerdWallet, San Francisco and Baltimore are the BEST cities to consider if you're in the search for LOVE! The site calculated what's called the "date affordability" in 50 cities across the country. It also took into account the  male-to-female ratio in each city. 

Listen up ladies. Turns out San Fran, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Diego and Austin were named best places for female singles.

Single Guys want to head to Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Boston and New York City for their love connections.

So with the calendar ticking off to Valentine's Day you might want to start making your travel plans to find you some loving. Oh wait ... this winter sucks, and tons of flights are being cancelled regularly because of nasty Mother Nature.

How about you just snuggle up and enjoy some Marvin Gaye ... with or without someone ;)



Now THAT makes me hate Winter a little less ... thanks Marvin ... ( wink- wink )

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