The scenario: You won the Lotto, whatever the big one is called. For argument's sake, it's several hundred million dollars, BUT you can only buy homes and businesses in the local area. What are you buying? What are you doing with it? Here is what some of the listeners had to say:

I have to commend that one guy on his extremely angry idea. Putting a Hooters in Ridgefield is a fun way to go, on so many levels. I'd love to attend the town meetings and protests on that one. Ethan and I kicked things off with a few things we would buy and do:

It's fun to dream. We got a ton of mail and phone calls on this and it comes as no surprise. I think it's an appealing idea to look at your every day surroundings and wonder how you would change them if you had the resources. A lot of people would take the money and literally run, but some would stay and get wild. What would you do?

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