We did have something happened last round that makes me wonder if you people even watch TV. You will see below that MASH made it through to this round and that is wonderful for MASH and it's fans, it is after all an all time great show. The problem with MASH being there is that it beat the Honeymooners, this makes no sense.

The Honeymooners not advancing in this round makes me sick and you all should be sick with yourselves. If you think that MASH is better than the Honeymooners you probably also don't observe proper social distancing either. I'll bet you are on record as saying "I won't get it" followed by you licking a subway railing.

Enough about the folks who vote terribly and ruin the majesty for the rest of us, we are down to the Elite 8 showdowns and they are tough picks from top to bottom. The choices you make here will get us all the way to eagerly anticipated (by me) Final Four. VOTE OR DIE!

Round 1 bracket 


Round 2 bracket 


Now educate yourselves you rats.

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