Fathers Day is upon us again -- a day to give Dad the props he deserves. Being a dad of three, I may be a little biased, but we all know deep down that dads are the best.

Everyone knows that moms are the ones that really get things done, but dads are the innovators. They come up with ideas that no mom would even think of, no less try, case in point this dad who scores massive points for creativity.

What could have been a typical pre-prom photo, turned into a thing of true beauty when this dad came up with the idea to use, of all things, a leaf blower when mom was taking the pictures.

Now this is something only a dad would think of. Can you imagine any mom heading to the shed for the leaf blower just to give his daughter's hair that "wind-blown" look just like in the magazines? Well not only did he do it, but it actually worked.

Check out the video that's gone viral:

So when celebrating dad this year, remember all the things that he's responsible for and all the ways that he's thought outside the box - even though mom probably didn't approve.

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