Back in July of last year, we told you about the arrival of the two peachicks at Harrybrooke Park in New Milford. Now we've got some more breaking peachick news.

It was announced earlier this week that the two peachicks, born back in July to local peacocks Liz and Frank, are now moving on to their new forever home.

Harrybrooke Park Facebook Image
Harrybrooke Park Facebook Image

So why are they leaving? Are they off to college? Did mom and dad throw them out? To answer these and other questions, we turned to Harrybrooke Park's Executive Director Bill Buckbee, and here's what he had to say:

"Mom Liz is nesting again and was getting a little aggressive with the peachicks -- she wanted all the food to herself. So we said if she's going to have more peachicks this year, that shed is going to get awfully small pretty quick. We decided to reach out to our friends up the road at Clatter Valley Farm and asked if they wanted them. They said they have three peacocks, but didn't have any peahens and would love to take them. So far, they are fitting in very well."

So I'm sure you're wondering that since Liz is nesting, when might we see some new peachicks at Harrybrooke Park? Here's Bill Buckbee's reserved prediction:

"I've only seen one egg so far -- last year she had two clutches of eggs, one in May and one in June. But we're going to start prepping for it now, so if she decides to nest this month, we'll be ready to go."

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