Depending on who you ask the Cleveland Browns will either be one of the NFL's best this year or implode. Last season the Browns had what Cleveland fans would consider to be a successful year, finishing with a 7-8 record. The Browns rookie QB Baker Mayfield impressed even his biggest detractors.

Nick Chubb had a big year, Jarvis Landry had a strong year and then in the off-season Cleveland went out and added more dynamic talent. They brought in Odell Beckham Jr and Kareem Hunt. The team, on paper seems loaded offensively. Why wouldn't they improve on 7 wins? Why not think playoffs?

Well they brought in two guys in Odell Beckham Jr. and Kareem Hunt, both who have had off the field issues. Hunt's were of course much worse coming off a year where he'd served a suspension for domestic abuse allegations. Baker Mayfield has a big mouth, blah, blah, blah the team is a potentially combustible collection of personalities.

I don't like Kareem Hunt, at all and I can't stand Odell. The guys on this team will do and say dumb things all year long and it won't matter. I think Mayfield is the real deal and he's the leader. I don't bet against dudes with a chip on their shoulder and Baker Mayfield has a planetary chip on his.

I think the Browns will win 10 games this year. BOOK IT.

P.S. Baker HATES Colin Cowherd. This is just part of their feud, the rest plays out on Twitter and is delicious. Chef recommends. I'm chef.


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