Imagine being only 11-years-old and playing piano on the legendary Carnegie Hall stage.

Meet Lucia Trudo a fifth-grader at King Street Intermediate School in Danbury who recently earned the opportunity to play inside this historic concert venue in NYC according to an article in the Danbury Patch.

Lucia was chosen to compete against 40 other pianists at The Crescendo International Music Competition which is designed for musicians from ages 5 through 22 and is open to all instrumentalists and vocalists. When asked how it felt to play on the famed Carnegie Hall stage, she answered:

I was proud, but it was nerve wracking. I was proud of myself for doing it.

Lucia takes weekly piano lessons and practices for one hour a day. She also plays at the children's worship services at the Walnut Hill Community Church in Bethel.

When asked if she would like to make music her career, she told the Danbury Patch that as much as she loves playing the piano, her career choice is to be a scientist.






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