When the cat's away, the mice will play! 

I'm sort of an expert on this subject, but we hear what I have to say quite enough.  What do you think?

Some guys just like the solitude and will hang around the house and enjoy the quiet, others like to golf with some buddies, some may hit up the strip club or maybe get a hooker.

Who is to say what the right answer is?  To each his own right?

I think it's always best when it ends with a great story just so long as that story does not involve an arraignment, but that can and has happened.

If you are getting loose and you come home half naked wearing a Pancho and a Sherpa sleeping on your couch, then you probably did it up BIG!

Or you could party like Billy Madison and hallucinate penguins and drive your golf cart around while loaded.  I mean you probably can't get a D.U.I. on your front lawn ... at least I think you can't.

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