A few weeks ago we gave you all the information on when you can expect to see the spectacular fall foliage in Connecticut and the Hudson Valley, well hold on because now everything has changed.

Back to school, Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks, Corn Mazes, all things that remind us of fall. The only thing missing is the fall foliage that we all look forward to so much. Well this year it looks like the changing fall colors are going to be delayed.

So what's going on, what's the hold up?

According to weather.com, we're expecting warmer than usual conditions for the last few weeks of September. Now warm days are good for foliage, but the warm days need to be coupled with cool nights, and as far as it looks now, temps will be too high even in the evening to keep the foliage on schedule.

So just how much of a delay are we looking at, possibly a week, but maybe as much as two weeks.

Normally we see peak here in the Northeast around the mid part of October, but with the foliage being on a delay, we're not looking at peak till the end of October, and in some area's early November. Either way, the foliage season should be a lot better then last year, which was late and very unimpressive due to dry conditions.

Look for the red and oranges to start to appear in late September in places like Maine, and New Hampshire, and then migrate south to our area by mid to late October.

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