'Tis the season for scams. Whether it's fake coupons, people coming to your door or phone calls, there's plenty of scam artists out there looking for gullible people to exploit and take their money.

I don't know if you have received a call yet from someone who claims to be an Eversource billing representative, but I have. The caller warns you that your service is about to be shut off because of unpaid bills. The bogus call goes on to tell you that to avoid an immediate shutoff, you need to settle an overdue bill by providing a credit card number or a prepaid debit card.

These scammers are actually so thorough that in many cases, even the caller ID will display Eversource. The scam has been targeting both homeowners and businesses and in this particular scenario, many times the scammers have actually been successful.

According to the ridgefieldpress.com, the Better Business Bureau's 2018 Scam Tracker Risk Report states that the median loss for a utility scam victim is $500.

Eversource Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer Penni Connor issued a statement to alert customers what to watch for when it comes to these scams.

We always want to protect our customers from scams, and that’s why it’s critical we continue to raise awareness and educate the public about all the different tactics these scammers use. If someone shows up at your home or calls you and demands immediate payment, do not give it to them. If you believe you have been a target of improper solicitation please alert local law enforcement and contact the company directly at 1-800-286-2000. The energy company tracks these types of customer concerns and reports them to state regulators.

Concerned customers can also report scams and fraudulent activity by calling the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) at 1-800-382-4586.

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