The city of Waterbury has made it very apparent that they've been trying to take drunk and impaired drivers, and uninsured and unregistered operators, and their vehicles, off of the streets this summer. The Waterbury Police Department has set up a series of DUI and Safety Checkpoints at various locations in the city's Town Plot, South End, and East End throughout the summer. They took to their social media to announce another one of the safety checkpoints is going to happen tonight, Friday August 21, 2020.

This time, the checkpoint is going to be set up in the city's East end on East Main Street, in the area of the Plaza at 3670. This is a very busy stretch of road that's right in the vicinity of Costco, Kohl's, my personal favorites, Tiramisu and Cheshire Coffee, among many other retail stores. The checkpoint is part of the Waterbury Police Department's summer-long DUI enforcement campaign, and it is being funded through a grant from the State of Connecticut DOT DUI Enforcement Program.

When I have written about the earlier checkpoints around Waterbury, I've done so in the spirit of which I believe that the Waterbury PD is providing the public with this knowledge beforehand. Motor vehicle operators who are not driving while impaired, and their license, registration, and insurance are all valid, basically have nothing to worry about. Conversely, I have read comments that I, and the Waterbury PD, are doing the public a disservice by announcing the checkpoint locations beforehand. My best response would be that I'm a traffic reporter at heart. And, if I knew there was going to be an 'incident' on East Main between 9PM and 2AM tonight that might tie you up for 5-10 minutes, when you really have to go after eating 4 Costco hot dogs, well, at least we helped you out, right?

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