Who knew Grand Street could be so peaceful?

A new store has opened up on Grand Street in downtown Waterbury. Located directly across from the Waterbury Post Office, and nestled between a Boost Mobil store and a Subway, you'll find Karmic Inspirations. This New Age Emporium is filled with beautiful handmade products, oils, incense, and spiritual merchandise. Owned and operated by Nicki Maiorano, Karmic Inspirations is a bright, shining example of Nicki's passion for positivity and life.

The Maiorano family has run the Maiorano Funeral Home on Willow Street for generations. Nicki is a co-owner, along with her siblings Dawn and Phillip. They are some of my oldest, dearest friends, and they are very active in our community. Their passion for life, in spite of having to deal with the general public in the absolute worst moments of their lives, is inspiring. Nicki's passion has grown into an actual store that urges you to take account of where you are in this world, and how you react to it


Photo of Large "Buddha in training" Dave
Photo of Large "Buddha in training" Dave

Tibetan Singing Bowls were the first thing that caught my eye as I entered Karmic Inspirations. Then the deep funk of essential oils and incense hits you right in the soul. Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amber, flower essences, and many more. Tarot Cards are on the shelf, as well as crystals, earthen materials, and hand-painted inspirational products. If you need a lift of your spirit, stop in and see Nicki and check out some of her merchandise, she is the embodiment of positivity and light.

Karmic Inspirations is located at 112 Grand Street in Downtown Waterbury.

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