If you happen to be so bold to suggest retirement to Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan, you had best be prepared for an equally bold response.

In a recent interview with Germany's Cicero, Gillan acknowledges that, at the age of 68, he is not exactly a spring chicken anymore. But despite his advancing years, he shares that the flame still burns bright to tour and compose new material none the less. This is evidenced by last year's release of 'Now What?!'

“We have been called old rockers, rock pensioners and dinosaurs,” Gillan says. “I mean, I have a thick skin I understand that, of course, if the young ones say: ‘Step aside, Grandpa! Die at last!’ I think to myself then stop: ‘F--- you.’”

Steve Morse, who stepped in to replace original Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, is the youngest of Deep Purple's lineup at age 59; Roger Glover is 68 years old while Don Airey and drummer Ian Paice are both 65 years old.

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