The bust came down at the Brookside Condominium complex when a gray Volvo pulled into the complex parking lot.

Investigators from the Danbury Police Department's Special Investigation's Division (S.I.D) had been conducting surveillance regarding unlawful drug sales in Brookside's parking lot. According to a Danbury Police Department press release, the ongoing investigation revealed that a gray Volvo had been pulling into the condominium lot while other vehicles would drive in and pull up next to the Volvo.

On May 15 at 1 pm, police investigators were staking out the complex, when in drives the gray Volvo and pulls into a parking space. Danbury S.I.D investigators spotted a white car that drove up next to the Volvo. The driver of the white car exited his vehicle and approached the driver's side window of the Volvo, and that's when police saw what they believe to be cash being exchanged for drugs. The Danbury S.I.D officers converged on the two cars. BUSTED.

It seems like almost everyday there are stories just like this one, and all too often, we read about how heroin can crush an entire family when a family member dies of a heroin overdose.

My son, Ethan, lost his best friend Matt over a year ago to an overdose. PLEASE, if you know a friend or family member who has an opioid addiction issue, feel free to reach out to my son, Ethan James via his FB page. He beat his heroin addiction, thank God, and has contact names and numbers for support staff to help anyone who is ready to make the move to recovery. To find out about crisis intervention services, click on

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