Wallingord, CT's Town Council meeting took an unexpected turn Tuesday when pornography interrupted the meeting twice. According to My Record Journal, pornographic audio and video played during the video conference coming from an unknown source. What's more is that at one point a man's voice appeared on the call describing one of the sex acts.

Wallingford officials say they will report the issue to the police but are concerned with upcoming calls. The town is scheduled to hold a video conferences with Mayor William Dickinson Jr.'s budget proposal on the agenda. Town Council Member Vincent Cervoni had this to say:

If this continues, and there’s not a platform out there that addresses this problem, then we’re going to have to figure out if there’s a way to allow public participation while screening, and if there is not, then the rest of the budget is going to occur without public participation.

With both hands clasped together and my eyes staring up at the sky, I pray this happens in one of the I-95 video meetings. I hope it happens right after someone asks if we have any questions. Cue the money shot, let it run for 10 seconds and cut to me saying, "do you have any questions?"

If any of us are being honest with ourselves, we'd all welcome this type of interruption, you just can't say that in public. As long as we are not to blame for it, it's hilarious. Pornographic images alone are not funny, it's their introduction to a "safe space" and the reactions of the people who thought they were "safe" that make it funny. I know, I'm a goblin and how dare I? I dare because after-all, work is just a place we go between sex sessions. FIN.

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