Crews from New Milford, New Fairfield, Brookfield and Newtown searched until dark on Monday for a teen who is missing and believed to have possibly drowned in Candlewood Lake on Monday afternoon.

According to, New Milford Police Sgt. Jim Dzamkoy said "the boy was swimming near Dike Point Park while celebrating Memorial Day with friends before anyone realized he was missing. Once they could not locate him they notified 911".

Around 4 pm, the crews from multiple towns were dispatched to the scene. Due to the nature of the search, Police have not confirmed the boy’s name or age and have not contacted his family. New Milford Mayor Pete Bass took to Facebook with details:

According to Sgt. Dzamkoy, as of 7:15 pm Monday night, the Newtown Dive Team has yet to locate a possible victim due to the murky waters.

There is just no guarantee they can find him right away, the dive team might need to halt the search when it get's dark for the safety of the divers, but would resume in the morning. The dive team’s sonar equipment picked up  several hits in the water, but it was unclear what this meant. It could be a body, It could be a couple of rocks. Memorial Day weekend kicked off the summer swimming and boating season. This is not the way we want to start off.

Update: According to, crews had suspended the search once it got dark, but it's expected to resume Tuesday morning. 

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