My usual routine with these posts is to look through my photos for an idea. Thought y'all might like this one, lifted directly from my Facebook account ...

1995, Washington DC ... Walking into a party with the girl I was seeing at the time, who knew everyone there. She's doing the introduction deal as we make our way into the house. You know the drill. Happens very fast, you usually forget the person's name immediately... Four or five intros into it she says "John, Adrian Cronauer. Adrian, John."

After several more introductions we're standing in the kitchen and it finally hits me:

"Wait a minute. Did you just introduce me to Adrian Cronauer?


"THE Adrian Cronauer?! The guy that Robin Williams portrayed in Good Morning Vietnam?!"


"Get the heck OUTTA here!"

"Nope. It's him.

She never told me she worked with his wife. Just one of those things that never came up. He and I stood in that kitchen talking radio for the better part of an hour, during which I learned that he had become a lawyer for the FCC, which I thought was kind of ironic.

... A super nice guy who had a great time regaling everyone with his story, at one point illustrating how Robin was great, but didn't get the delivery EXACTLY right in the movie...

"It was more like this: Gooooooooooooooooooooooooood (while he pretends to be reaching for records, news copy, etc) moooooooooorning Vietnaaaaaaaam!"

I will forever treasure that moment and this picture, which was taken shortly afterward..