What do a knife, a pot of grits, and a curtain rod all have in common?

Those three items were allegedly an integral part of a loud argument taking place in Westport in the wee hours of the morning. When police were dispatched to the Westport home they discovered a loud raucous argument going on according to an article in the Westport Patch.

According to a police statement, Tiana Hillaire and Jonathon McCormick were reportedly involved in a loud verbal confrontation when the officers arrived. As the argument moved outside it also escalated when Hillaire allegedly threw a pot of grits and a curtain rod at McCormick. No word if the grits and the curtain rod actually struck McCormick during the altercation.

According to Westport Police, Hillaire locked herself in the house and threw some of McCormick's belongings out into the yard. A large kitchen knife was also allegedly discovered in the yard. The police report noted that Hillaire had violated a protective order against her.

Tianna Hillaire - Photo Courtesy of the Westport Police Dept.
Tianna Hillaire - Photo Courtesy of the Westport Police Dept.

She was charged with a violation of a protection order and second-degree threatening. McCormick was turned over to Bridgeport police for an unrelated arrest warrant.

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