Over 500 people got their mobility back thanks to this generous and determined businessman.

From the website, goodnewsnetwork.org., comes the heartwarming story of Philip Pavone who served in Vietnam and is also a cancer survivor. Pavone owns AZ Pawn Shop in Norwich, CT. and in 2009, he was trying to make room for more inventory in his shop when he noticed there were still a couple of motorized wheelchairs that hadn't sold yet.

He proceeded to place an ad in the local paper offering them up for free. Over the next couple of weeks, the letters came flooding in. That's how Mr. Pavone discovered how many individuals were homebound and couldn't get anywhere because there was no way they could begin to afford a motorized wheelchair. Here's a direct quote from Mr. Pavone:

Some of the people writing to me hadn't left their homes for months, even years at a time. Many were elderly and had no one to help them.

When he realized how many wheelchairs were broken and sitting in basements and storage areas, he began asking people to donate them which he repaired and then gave away which eventually morphed into AZ Pawn's Gift of Mobility. Thank God there are still people like Philip Pavone in this world. The following video will bring tears to your eyes.

This coming holiday season Mr. Pavone is planning on giving away 100 more motorized wheelchairs. Applications for this giveaway will be accepted beginning Sept. 1, 2019. Please note that you will need to pick them up in the Norwich, CT. area. To be considered, send a letter to AZ Pawn Gift of Mobility, 442 East Main St., Norwich, CT 06360. All the details are available by clicking, goodnewsnetwork.org.

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